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MUSH is an acronym for "Multi User Shared Hallucination" but don't worry, it's nothing illegal!! It's a text based game, similar to those adventure games back in the 1970s, but MUSH has a difference... it's multi-user so you can interact not only with computer controlled objects and people but also with real players.

This MUSH is physically located in the UK. Simon along with his wife Jaq, maintain the MUSH from softcode to hardcode; They are the God (s) of the MUSH and create all the characters so be nice to them ;)

You can connect to the MUSH right now if you wish, by using telnet or a MUSH client and connecting to absolute.spod.org : 6250 and logging in as guest with the password of guest. The links will only work if your web browser supports the 'telnet:' URL format.
This will allow you to have a look around the MUSH, talk to other characters on there and get an idea of what our world of Absolute is like. As a guest, you will not be able to create objects, or do certain other things. If you decide you like what you see there, then you can use the online character creation process to create your very own Absolute Mush Charater! (It's back at the sign-on screen...)

Absolute isn't really a themed MUSH as such - but it has a very friendly, verging on silly/fun atmosphere. Absolute sports a much extended system of global actions (GACs), simple mail and news systems, many channels and extra features to the code (eg c ol ou r attributes and a login watcher), along with softcode object such as the +whereall and who locators etc.

News Flash:
Ravenblack and Damask have made it official! They were married on December 22nd 1999. Please give them your congrats!!

Congratulations to Heluerto (Helen) and Snorri (Steve) who got married on 6th June 1998.

There tends to be the odd few Absolute MUSH get-togethers each year, click the links below to view a few that we have documented with viewpoints and pictures.
April 24th 1999 ~ November 1 1997 ~ June 28 1997 ~ May 25 1996

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