Absolute Mush Meet - November 1997

Those present: Simon, Jaq, Del, Robin, Zyon, Lucretia, Miffy, Taz, Sue, Skrof and Martin.

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We met up at the Rutland and Derby pub on Millstone Lane in Leicester city centre at just gone 7pm on 1st November 1997. After much debate, we set off towards the Abbey Park fireworks, about a 15 minute walk across town.
After having paid the entrance fee, we walked in and saw the rather large bonfire.

On the path round the corner from the bonfire

The fire from a long way away - even at this distance, we could feel the heat from it.

A few more pictures of the bonfire

As we were a bit early anyway, and the start of the firework display was delayed by about 15 minutes, we sat around on the grass chatting while Martin and Taz went off to get some food.

Skrof and Miffy (from left to right)

Robin, Del, Zyon, Jaq, Taz, Skrof (picture 1, from left to right)
Skrof, Miffy, Sue, Lucretia (picture 2, from left ro right)

Sue, Miffy, Zyon and Lucretia (from left to right)

Sue, Zyon, Lucretia and Skrof (from left to right)

Zyon and Lucretia

After a false countdown from 10 to 1 (silly radio DJ type games), they turned off the lights, had another countdown and the fireworks began. It was a pretty good display... here are some pictures to give you an idea - highly recommended if you want to see some fireworks next year.

Once the fireworks were over, people started heading for the park exit quite quickly so we followed and walked back to the Rutland and Derby pub for a drink.

Robin, Martin, Del, Sue, Miffy, Jaq, Skrof, Lucretia, Zyon (hiding) and Taz (round the table left to right)

Del, Miffy, Skrof, Lucretia, Zyon and Taz

Robin and Jaq

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