MUSH Meet - April 24th 1999

It was generally agreed that this was one of the better mush meets! A good time was had by all (we think).
Two pictures with everyone together (except Simon who was taking the pics).
Left to right:
Jaq, Geordan, Tigger, Thrudd (front), Del, Vanessa, Taz, Avatar, Kesh, Babbage, Mr_Bean, Martin, Snoop, Miffy, Robin and Suzie (holding her certificate).

Group photos...
Left to right:
Martin, Robin, Taz, Del, Vanessa (front), Babbage (back), Tigger, and Jaq.

Left to right:
Kesh (front), Mr_Bean (back), Tigger (front), Miffy (back), Babbage, and Del

Thrudd - the organiser

Babbage and Tigger in the middle, Avatar with the pink ball in his hand.

Avatar and Suzie

Avatar moving like lightning *g*


Thrudd and Geordan (which is which?)

Thrudd popping the bubbly

From left to right: Thrudd, Suzie (with her back to the camera), Mr_Bean, Del (partially hidden), Tigger and Babbage

Vanessa and Miffy dancing at the back