Behind the scenes hopes to give you a little insight into the running of Absolute.

MUSH server hardware

From around 2006 - 2018, it was hosted by spod.org on a server owned by blob. Absolute is now hosted by bocks.co.uk on a server run by Simon.
Absolute is currently running on an Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU with 32GB RAM and some SSD storage, running CentOS 7.

MUSH server software

It runs not only this website and the MUSH itself, but a number of other services.
Absolute is a MUSH using the TinyMUSH source code. Until 2006, we were running version 2.0.10 patchlevel 6 with quite a few extra features patched in. Since then, we've been on a more vanilla 3.1 due to the original source not compiling on more recent operating systems.
Please note that attempting to crash Absolute will be looked upon very seriously by the staff and may result in the destruction of your character so don't do it!

Since we upgraded, we lost some of the following updates - others were merged into the new source and are still available in some form.

Some of the more visible enhancements of Absolute are:

  • Admin and Judge flags
    Similar to the Wizard flag, these two new flags give players extra capabilities beyond those of mortals. Admin have the same powers as Wizards with the exception of being able to modify other players objects. Judges on the other hand just get to examine any object and teleport anywhere. At present these flags are not in use
    This patch is based on that used by The Damned MUSH and the Admin and Judge powers can be modified by the "God" character using @admin.

  • The Login Watcher
    This is a hardcoded system to enable players to watch who logs in and out without constantly typing WHO. It sends a message to any player with the WATCHER flag whenever someone connects or disconnects.
    Wizards and Administators get extra details such as the site the connection is from, and also the reason a player disconnects. Please note that players with the DARK flag set do not show up on the login watcher except to Wizards and Admin.
    Watcher messages shown to staff look like the top line (extra detail) and for other players they look like the lower line.
    [Watcher] playername has connected. (your.site.net)
    [Watcher] playername has connected.

  • The color() function and ANSI flag
    color() is a function which produces ANSI colours and effects such as bold. While being spelt the "american" way, it can also be used as colour(). It now take notice of the ANSI flag.
    Some global commands such as who and +whereall use the ANSI flag to colour borders and headings.

  • The Login Watcher has been upgraded and a new flag added. Check out TIMEWATCH instead of WATCHER - it timestamps your Watcher information without additional TinyFugue macros or Autumnal plugins. The WATCHER flag is still available though.
    The new messages have an extra few characters (the time) in the label.
    [Watcher 10:17] playername has connected.
    The times are in 12 hour style (without am/pm) and are the times on the MUSH server(BST/GMT not local time). This may change in the future if I ever add support for timezones.

  • and lots more too which are undocumented here at the moment...

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