How to contact the Wizards

Should you ever need to contact the volunteers who help,
to run Absolute, there are several ways you can do this.

  • An email to AbsoluteMush will be viewed by character #1, Wizard (aka Jaq) - the primary use of this is for new character creation.

  • Connect to Absolute and +mail the wizards individually - the staff command will show you who they are and +help +mail will provide help on how to send +mail.

As of October 28th 1998,
the current wizards are as follows:

Daina Builder / Mapper / Scot
Dream Web Goddess and Mush help
Goth Newbie/General Help
Jaq Gawd / Sorting things
Blob Umm...
Mike OfficialLayaboutWithNoRealPurpose
Mr_Bean Softcoding / The Real Nasty Bits
Simon mush wrecker and fixer
RavenBlack Grump who will help if necessary

Amberyl's Wizard Lecture (basic HTML formatting only)
Wizard Lecture (text format via FTP)

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