There tends to be the odd few Absolute MUSH get-togethers each year, click the links below to view a few that we have documented with viewpoints and pictures.

November 1 1997 ~ June 28 1997 ~ May 25 1996
28th of June 1997
The people that were there were Heluerto, Snorri, Flinn, Kevan, Martin, Simon, Robin, Gangrel, Taz, Skippy, Avatar, Suzie, Devlin, Alice, RavenBlack, Rain, Dyason, Mr_Bean, Tigger/Konfusion, Miranda (Tiggers non-mushing girlfriend), and Ian (another non-musher)

So far, we have reports from Heluerto and lots of pictures from Alice. And some additional ones here. If anyone else wants to add their view of the proceedings, please feel free to mail us

Heluerto's View

Yay!!!!! A year later all ye olde MUSHers from yonder Great Britain, managed to organise and get together to meet once more.....and about time too!!!!

We met on Saturday 28th June at about 5:45 ish - some great scam planned by me to try to make sure everyone was there by 6pm!!! and it WOULD have worked if it hadn't been for Avatar (Dave Smethurst) who was apparently leaning out of the window of his girlfriends house, when people were on their way already, shouting, oh, are you going now??? Duh!

So after waiting until past six o'clock when he turned up with us, a sucessful 16 people turned up...but after collecting the money off everyone who was playing is was a less successful 10. So with five to a team we put on our 'fetching' bowling shoes!

Lane 27: Robin, Gangrel, Simon, Snorri, Heluerto
Lane 28: Avatar, Flinn, Taz, Andy, Martin

While we enjoyed our bowling, Helix, Alice and RavenBlack played their own game in the corner - Magic the Gathering, while Anna (I give up on her MUSH name) hovered between the two groups, not wanting in the latter case, and not being able to the other game!

We were playing alright, although I'm not sure quite how the other team did, although as I glanced up I noticed Avatars score kind of a lot higher than anyone in our teams.

Simon and Gangrel managed to SX's which is a 'split strike' apparently, what it should be called is hitting very few pins, and the computer going completely wrong, after this had happened a lot of times, a guy from the bowling alley came and sat with us to correct our 'special scores'.

So after our two pre payed games, the nice guys from the 'Leicester Superbowl' told us we could have an extra game each on two different lanes in the place, so we all got to play a free third game - splendid!

"Simon" I asked on about his 6th go on the third game, "Have they paged you yet?" (Simon has a pager, and those poor guys who had to work until 8 O'clock had arranged to page Simon, so they could meet up with us when they were ready (not knowing where we were going to be at that time!) "Er, Yup" Simon replied....however when we checked the number to call back, there was a number missing, so there wasn't a lot we could do, however, luckily they tried again, and it worked, so Mr_Bean, Tigger and friends, joined us outside McDonalds (I still wish we'd gone to Burger King, it is so much better!!!!).

After getting a quick bite to eat, we made our way to a pub, which non of us (cept Tigger) even knew existed, which is a shame as personally I like quiet pubs, and to find a quiet pub on a saturday night in a town centre, is quite a task!

Well, the pub wasn't quiet for long, I dont think they knew what had hit them, 21 of us all walking in at the same time!!! I being my usual drunk self, as always, got away with sticking to Lemonade (yup, been T-total since I left Leicester back in October of last year) everyone kept sniffing my Lemonade just to make sure mind you! A small group got their hands on to some playing cards, and were apparently playing for crisps!

The rest of us got up to date with each others gossip, and sad as we are exchanged email addresses and web page addresses - well, what did you expect!

Outside the pub as we left, some police started walking towards us after giving us a double glance (well there were around 18 of us hanging around up a side street!!!!) although they changed their mind and went the other way, I think it was as we dispersed!!!

Simon, Robin, Flinn, Snorri and myself took trust in my driving and got a lift home!

It was really great to see everyone again, I think we should do it more often!!!!!

If any of you have any ideas or suggestions of things we could do/places we could go, then please let me or Simon know....if you don't want to organise it, I can help out/take over (I seem good at that - after all I took this one over from Devlin!!!!).

Take care.

Keep MUSHing!

Helen (Heluerto)

25th of May 1996
We gathered for a second overnight Laser Quest event in Leicester. Heluerto (Helen Williams) organised things for us mainly, by collecting deposits, booking places etc. From memory, the MUSHers that were there were Harmony, Daina, Heluerto, Flinn, Helix, Spyman, Vibes, Martin, Ian, Mike, Simon, Robin and Crow.

So far, we have reports from Ian, Helix, and Heluerto

Ian's View

We all met up at 8pm (Saturday night) at the Laser Quest place, climbed a flight of stairs which nearly killed me (was carrying a LOT of booze!), and entered in to the dark and forboding pit itself. After organising ourselves in to a general area, remaining monies were paid and team lists reorganised. The main 'crew' of the evening was Team 3 which was all MUSHers, execept for one rather psycho self-appointing team leader nutter by the name of Skull who rather marred the proceedings. It quickly became clear to us that we were a little out of place at this event, as the majority of the other people there were rather freaked-out hardened Laser Quest bods, intent on winning at any price, and trying to force their will on us.

The first games of the evening were the heats - everyone played everyone else in an effort to find the winning team. I was rather unimpressed by the staff who swore at me repeatedly simply because I had not played before; their attitude put me in a depressed state to begin with, never mind the psychos on my team. We kit was donned, and the arena entered. The arena its self is one of the largest I've been in, consisting of many boards ramps and small rooms. The major target of the evening appeared to be the fabled Hangar bay which I tended to avoid a all costs as thats where all the psychos hung out. My first game resulted in a score of 125, which I was fairly pleased with. After three games were played, the winning team was announced - not us, unsuprisingly. We then sat around for what seemed an absolute age, watching dodgy StarWars movies on a large screen projector TV, drinking, talking and generally watching Vibes cuddling his pringles. Pizza and chips was apparently delivered some time during the night but I obviously missed this exciting culinary event. Further Laser Quest games were played which included picking up little glowy rods, and chasing 'aliens' (Helen seemed rather pleased to be an alien for one game for some reason). Folks wandered off home at various times during the night until only the really mad ones among us were left (Ian, Mike, Heluerto, Simon and Robin !) the last game finished around 7.30 am and we all wandered McDonalds-wards for a Sunday breakfast.

At 7.15pm (Sunday night), the second event of the weekend took place, the great Pizza Hut bash, organised by Paul. Most people had joined up at the Clock Tower in the city centre by 7.30pm, including Alan, Fatheral, Joe Splan and Sarge. We stood around in the rain for some time waiting for our table to become free (they wouldnt accept a booking, then said we should have booked - cheers Pizza Hut!) by around 7.45 we sat down - 15 of us in all which made quite a good gathering. After pizza, various pubs were endowed with our presence.

After judging the correspondence and feedback of many people on the mush-misc mailing list, it is the general consensus that the evening was a little under-awing. The psychos spoiled it a little, as did the sitting around for hours with nothing to do between games. It seems like that if there is to be another event in a similar ilk, that we may try to split off on our own if we get plenty of people, or even just ensure there is more to do between games (Just don't mention Super Bomber Man!). Overall: Glad to meet up together to do things and meet other MUSHers we'd never seen, but not a really amazing night.


Helix's View

(Bear in mind that much of this was written at least a month or so after the event, so apologies in advance for any clouded memories. And remember that I'm a miserable, cynical, misanthropic bastard most of the time, so this is all written through a gloriously dark-tinted view of the world.)

Ah, contrasts. I was one of the people who made it to the Laser Quest all-nighter back in February (dragged from my garret by the fearsome Splan Troopers when a place became free at the eleventh hour), so I probably staggered up all those flights of stairs carrying one or two expectations with me.

And since I was being very Helixish at the first one, yet still enjoyed most of it, I was expecting May's attempt to be far better. I'd know a few more people. I'd know my way around the arena. I wouldn't have unwittingly got up at nine o'clock the morning before. I'd actually know what all the bleeps and stuff from the gun meant. I'd even - frighteningly - understand the jargon when some tragic headcase ran past screaming about two reds on the tower and four in the hangar. Bound to be more enjoyable.

So in I went, preconceptions aplenty. Got the teams juggled around a bit (most of our little cabal were on separate teams entirely, which wasn't really the best situation), and sat around for far too long, waiting for the games to begin.

And ominous inklings kicked in before long. When we were introduced our other team member (seven of us were MUSHers, and one was an outsider) - Skull - wary visages were very much the vogue. The fellow wore dogtags around his neck, and opened his conversation with serious discussion of tactics. (The familiarity of Mr Skull became apparent later - he was the gent who was punching the wall at the previous Laser Quest because his team weren't backing him up.)

"Right." we said. "Yes." we said. And went back to ignoring him. I think five of us had never, ever played the game before in our lives, and the other two were just playing for the sheer enjoyment of it. (Yes, kids, even Uncle Helix.) "Tactics" weren't really something we were planning on using.

And we went in shortly after ten. Yao (Vibes), Melanie (Daina) and Yvette (Harmony) had never really played before, so we were just wandering around the arena together, getting the hang of stuff. We stopped in (and I lack the tragic jargon for it) "that small room place that lies a couple of right turns out of the main entrance" for a while, guarding the exits and explaining stuff.

Sitting ducks? Surely, I thought, the more experienced players would recognise us as new players and politely refrain from picking on us. Give us a sporting chance, let us get to grips with the game, and pick on enemies of their own calibre to make the game challenging and enjoyable for everyone.

Er, no. "Four green sitting ducks in the [tragic jargon]!" shouts some kind soul, and we all die in a hail of red light, again and again and again. Most entertaining.

I think the first few games probably tipped the balance, for me, and I spent the rest of the "league" lot just being bloody annoyed at all the expert players. Shooting people point blank and having no effect began to lose its appeal before long, particularly when they turned round and shot me without even aiming, and homicidal apathy quickly set in.

As it turned out, our friends in Team A were apparently cheating all night. By slightly unplugging the cables from their guns, they gained the tiny advantage of complete and total immortality. Some bloke - staff or player, I know not - went around telling everyone this at about two-ish, and that probably killed the last of my enthusiasm for the event. I'd already walked some people home earlier (rather a lot of the out-of- towners were staying at the Helix residence), and when a couple more wanted to go back, I called it a night as well.

So that was that. Twelve and a half of your Earth pounds, neatly folded and posted into the local sewerage system. The "sat around talking" bit of the Laser Quest was generally more enjoyable than the "being shot at" parts. We might as well have stayed at home, and had someone occasionally run screaming through the lounge firing the television remote control at us.

If the Laser Quest people are listening - a word of advice, lads. Ditch the competitive angle; it only makes people take it more seriously than they should, which isn't a lot of fun. Newbies going up against a half-dozen immortal crack-shots is generally very tedious. Of course, as one of the staff apparently put it, "****ing virgins shouldn't be at a ****ing all-nighter, you git". Fair point. Thanks for making that clear before taking our money, then.

Personally I think they'd be better off if they organised it so you'd only be up against people of your own ability and fanaticism. Alright, so they originally organised the teams "fairly" (equal spreads of newbies and veterans), but - er - having all your friends on different teams, and watching your new teammates abandon you to your fate because you're hopeless; not the stuff of entertainment, in my book. Let people pick teams and work out a fair system of opponents, perhaps. Shrug. Or just have it veterans-only and the rest of us can go bowling or something.

Mind you, some people enjoyed the Laser Quest, it seems, so that was alright. If I was in a better mood, and if the games had been a little more fairly balanced, I'd probably have stuck around and enjoyed myself.

Never mind. Very nearly everyone went out for a pizza the next night, and that was alright. And the rest of the week, since quite a few MUSH people chose to stick around a bit and do stuff, was fairly splendid. Just a shame that most of us threw twelve fifty and a Saturday night into a rubbish bin, really.


Heluerto's View

Well, I have to admit the 'May 96 version of Laser Quest didn't seem to be as entertaining as the previous 'February' one, Joe Splan, Fatheral, Palpatine, Kliorg, Hawk and Brandy who were at the first Laser Quest didn't make it this time, although all except Brandy and Hawk managed the pizza's on the Sunday evening.

So what went wrong, I have to admit the 'Lazer Quest Spodders' were too conserned about 'winning' the games, I aswell as most of the MUSHers who attended was in it all for a laugh, it was quite nice to turn up and be recognised by some of the members, although who they were, I am yet to work out, first bit of entertainment was the polite 'Skull' beating up the slightly less delicate Simon (not the one we all know and love) in the middle of the room where everyone had to stay for the night!

Anyway, the teams were NOT very well mixed, there was one team made up of all mushers except Skull, and then the rest of us were 2 to a team, I was with Spyman, Our team did extremely well, we came second overall out of I think it was 8 teams. Although we didn't share quite the same enthusiasm as the Spodders, I was quite happy that I got a prize at the end of the night.

Later in the evening, We played a game of 'Aliens' where Me and another guy had just our backs and stomaches showing (guns and shoulders had been covered by cardboard and sticky tape) we had to creep about the arena in the dark, (I'd like to let you know how scarey it is in the arena alone with none of the lights on, and smoke everywhere (well I was a bit on edge anyway!)) I felt really important!!! Basically I had to touch everyone I bumped into I had instructions not to get them for the first 5 minutes, but after the said time I found six people in a row, all just standing there, and I got all bar one of them before they managed to shoot me.

We played another game where we had to find luminous rods in the arena, and shoot others who had them, once you were dead you had to hand over your rods, the one with the most on time up won the game!

I managed to shoot someone who had a rod, and Tony, one of the organisers (who didn't seem too popular with Ian OR Helix) who had taken a shine to me, tried to hide me from the others in a corner of the arena, to my dismay (relief more likely) I got shot before he hid me there!

It is a shame it wasn't enjoyed as much as last time but then as I was the only Splan Trooper there, and out of uniform (God I miss those blue helmets), what can be expected.

The pizza on Sunday evening, apart from a certain group of 4 seeming to want to disown the rest of us for the evening, was great, although after a bit of confusion, we split up when we started to find a pub to drink in, but well, as Fatheral, Joe Splan and Sarge will understand "I wish I was back home in Derry"

Helen (Heluerto)

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