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If you're new to the world of MUSH, you might want to check out the unpacked MUSH manual or you could download the latest version in plain text format (in a .zip) by ftp from the MUSH archives

Mud Connector - check for Absolute!

Absolute's FTP Site - Autumnal is to be found here.

Instead of the normal telnet programs, not all of which support ports other than the telnet port, special MUD or MUSH clients may be used to connect to Absolute. These can often assist with commonly used commands by providing macros or aliases or by automatically connecting your character. Some of them can even split the output and input so that you don't get confused.

Some of the clients available for Microsoft Windows are Autumnal written by Canis Lupus, ZMud, SimpleMU, Mushclient (version 2.11) and Pueblo written by Chaco Communications, Inc.
TinyFugue written by Ken Keys is available for most platforms including UNIX, OS/2 and VMS.

For the Macintosh, you might want to look at Macintosh section of the MUD FAQ, or another page of MacOS MUD Clients

Check out the MUD Client list

If you know of any clients, good or bad, that I've missed off this page, please email me and tell me !

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